Curved Table
Iron Curved Table
Aftab Complex
220 Villa
CO Office Building
A Concept for Office and Commercial Building , located in Karaj City.
Private villa for Miadi Family
Neliza Hotel
Residential Tourism Complex
Oman Restaurant
International restaurant
Villa 7779
Economic villa
Arran Apartment
Villa No 50
VILLA NO 50 Triplex villa
Atz Showroom
Atz Showroom Furniture Design
Raftari Restaurant
Traditional Restaurant
Glass Villa
Economic Villa
Noavaran Office
Reconstruction of the newspaper office
Villa 33
Minimal Concept
Stadium Foodhall
Tourism complex & Food Court
No.4 Building
minimal lobby design
Jam Restuarant
Meat Patties Sandwiches
Gholhak Foodcourt
Renovation architecture design
Milad Noor Commercial
Rennovation Project
Aclyric painting
photoshop - autocad - aclyric
Yazd Villa
The City of Wind