Stadium Foodhall

Tourism complex & Food Court

  • Area: 6000 m2
  • Location: Noor, North Of Iran
  • Type: Multi-use Complex
  • Status: Idea
  • Scale: LARG

D E S I G N   C O N C E P T
  Due to the number of commercial, recreational and service centers in Tehran and the cities, Stadium Foodhall was designed with a different thinking.
1. The design is designed according to cost management and container construction speed. About 3 months of construction and operation.
2.Design Concept is a sporty theme with famous football brands.
3.Use happy colors in the container view.
4.One to six-person pedal craft on the eastern side of the design for use in ages 3 to 99 years.
5.Designing a highly decorative and unique environment for the furniture area.