Neliza Hotel

Residential Tourism Complex

  • Area: 40000 m2
  • Type: Multi-use Complex
  • Status: Idea
  • Scale: LARGE

  Tehran as a city with a genuine historical and architectural background is today the capital of Iran, a city in which, despite buildings with different styles, culture is lost. It also needs space for spending leisure time due to crowded crowds. Residential tourism complex is one of the places that will meet cultural, tourist, recreational, economic and social needs and attract cultural tourists, social tourists, urban tourists and ecotourism. With the advancement of technology in architecture, it was decided to design the city with a new geometric parametric design methodology for designing and creating optimal forms. Proposed solutions using forms of this study is taken from the geometry and nature. In this project we have tried to create geometric patterns and motifs arose in Iran for parametric existed previously. Also in Tehran because of overcrowding and buildings without the spirit of the place, a city where there is no fluidity. In order to achieve fluidity and enliven the tourist areas of the concepts of style and art Suprematism as a technique for combining parametric design was used. The concepts of this style, such as fluidity, the creation of three-point perspective and porosity, in the movement of tourists on the site, as well as in the construction of the definition of a scenario for the tourist. The results of the research show that the application of suprematism has led to the creation of numerous spaces such as hotels, recreation, cultural, commercial and administrative, which, in terms of tourism, conforms to the conventional spaces in the country and through the parametric design method in the above spaces Optimized access and tourist scenario.