Glass Villa

Economic Villa

  • Area: 90 m2
  • Location: North Of Iran
  • Type: Villa
  • Status: Idea
  • Scale: SMALL

D E S I G N   C O N C E P T
  The glass villa in northern Iran was designed with the idea of high-speed construction. This villa, which can be built in 45 days, has a concrete structure. The villa includes spaces such as entrance, kitchen, living room, tv room and dual-use bedroom with bathroom and toilet.
  It has no internal separation walls and flat runs. Around the building there are windows of width and height, due to the climatic conditions in northern Iran and the creation of favorable shading, The western wall of the villa is made of concrete panels .
the ceiling console around the building is 120 cm.
   The entire building is located on a platform up to 40 cm high, with a draped pool adjacent to the building and is visible from the side of the kitchen, living room and dining room. By a movable wall between the bedroom and the living space was provided the use of a private bedroom and the bed is designed to be built. If you do not use the room space you can keep the wall open so that the living space and the TV room , are integrated.