Villa 7779

Economic villa

  • Area: 146 m2
  • Location: Motel Ghoo, Mazandaran, IRAN
  • Type: Villa
  • Status: Under Construction
  • Scale: SMALL

The villa 77-79 in North of Iran was designed in flat and modern style with a limited budget of employer. This 140m² villa has 2 master bedroom, dining room, kitchen and extra bar space. In the western part of the villa, windows with 40 cm wide ,were used for overlooking the window, allowing the view of the garden from the dining room and the view from the outside is intolerable. The sloping roof of this villa is a three-meter console run by a truss, and unlike a native-built northern part of Iran, usually with either sloping or unidirectional or double-sided roofs, this new villa was attempted to create a new extension of the ceiling, Designed to offer a new idea of ​​the sloping roof in addition to cost management for the employer.